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Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known as Lady Gaga began her music career at the age of nineteen. Lady Gaga debuted in rock music world with her album 'The Fame' in August 2008. The album not only received good reviews but also it topped at number one position in various countries. In addition to it, it also rose to number position in Billboard Top Electronic Album Charts in US.
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The album included tracks such as 'Just Dance', 'Love game', 'Paparazzi', the most famous track-'Poker Face' and many more. Two songs -'Just dance' and 'Poker Face' became international hits and the track 'Just Dance' was even nominated at Grammy Awards for Best Dance Recording category.
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Lady Gaga, with her fresh music, great lyrics and exceptional voice, this multi-talented star singer and song writer till date, has sold more than twenty million singles and around three million copies of her albums world wide, making her the biggest-selling artist of the year 2009.
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The pop singer revealed her inspiration for music is from most famous rockers including 'Queen' and 'David Bowie' and also Pop stars including Kylie Minogue, Madonna and Michael Jackson.
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Gaga was nominated for MTV Video Music Awards 2009, for nine awards which included award for Video of the year, Best female video, Best pop video for Poker Face, Best New Artist, Best Direction and more. In this event, the singer managed to bag award for Best New Artist and also won Best Art Direction Award and Best Special Effects for her famous single Paparazzi.
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It was not too long ago a young woman by the name of Stefani Germanotta was just a talented pianist and aspiring singer waiting to get discovered. That young girl quickly invaded the radios and televisions of the world under the name Lady Gaga.
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Germanotta, hereby known as Lady Gaga, was born March 28, 1986. She was already playing the piano by age four and used that skill as a teenager to play through New York's open mic nights at age 14. She would never slow down as music quickly became her number one priority. She dropped out of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts to further her music career.
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She was first discovered by Def Jam Recordings when a CEO heard her singing from down the hall. Her first bump in her career came quickly as just three months later the recording label dropped her without an explanation. She was introduced to songwriter and producer RedOne and started a new career producing songs with him.
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The most rumored story of how she adopted the name Lady Gaga was when Rob Fusari, a music producer who assisted in some of her songwriting, attempted to text her Radio Ga Ga after the Queen song. However, due to an auto-correction application in his phone, the text message read Lady Ga Ga and thus her stage name was born.
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To get help with her stage image, she began to collaborate with another artist, Lady Starlight. Together they created a burlesque rock show which eventually got the pair invited to play at the Lollapalooza music festival in 2007. Using inspiration from glam rockers David Bowie and Queen, she found a niche for her music when combined the vintage sound with modern pop melodies and an electronic dance music.