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More than any other celebrity today, Lady Gaga sure knows how to make a statement. She is a veritable fashion chameleon. You simply never know what this singer will show up in next. Whether it is a bubble wrap dress or an outfit made of feathers, the world is always waiting on pins and needles to see what sort of creation Lady will be wearing each time she steps out in public. One of the ways that the singer shows her unique sense of style is through her innovative accessorizing. In particular, Lady Gaga sunglasses become pieces of art when paired with her creatively put together outfits. Seeing the potential for her chosen pairs of eyewear, many people are now interested in buying styles from her favorite brands in order to get the same look that so many go gaga over!
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Although Lady Gaga sunglasses are seen in a variety of styles as varied as her clothing, makeup, and hairstyle choices, they almost always have some element of glitz and glam. One of the most well-known brands that supply this look to the rock star is Versace. Often noted for being both opulent and chic, Versace sunglasses embody everything that Lady Gaga stands for when it comes to her trend-setting style. Although the particular styles of her Versace eyewear change from day to day, the rimless shaded versions have become iconic.
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Another one of the many brands that Lady Gaga sunglasses often include is Gucci. A popular style from this brand usually spotted on Gaga is a rimless style that allows you to see the singer's eyes while still covering a good portion of her face. Another favorite of Gaga's is Marc Jacobs. Offering eyewear in some of the boldest colors and shapes makes this one of her favorite brands. Her choice of eyewear is always fashion-forward and, along with the rest of her wardrobe, hard to miss.
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Rarely seen without a pair of eyewear, Gaga has also been spotted in a number of styles from the fashion power-house Bvlgari. Of course, the eyewear she chooses from this popular company always comes in a unique shape to complement her quirky style. However, what is probably her most notable pair to date are the white-rimmed Carrera sunglasses she wore for her "Bad Romance" video. This highly-recognized pair is a classic aviator style, but with a twist. Summing up the style of Lady Gaga sunglasses is virtually impossible, as her looks are always as unique as the rock star herself.
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Every woman wants to be a head turner this Halloween. That's why it's no wonder many women today are doing everything just to get the best outfit. But in spite of the wide selection of Halloween costumes for women, many are still confused with what they're going to wear during the party. If you're one of them, read this post as I present to you my own list of costumes ideas that are a big hit this 2010. As you may be aware, Halloween is coming in a few weeks time. So, in order to get the costume you want, it is best to shop now while it's early. Even you don't have the ideas yet you can still choose the dress that will definitely fit on your taste and personality.
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The first in our list is Lady Gaga outfit. Influenced by television, recordings and internet, the pop singer has immersed thousands of people from around the world. Hence, dressing like her will make it easier for you to be recognized by the guests. The outfit comes in plus-size dress with matching accessories like face mask, bracelet, boots and earrings. However, Lady Gaga will not be Lady Gaga without the white hair that creates cool effect. So are you ready to march on stage wearing this one of a kind dress? But wait a minute. We've forgot something. In order for your outfit to become realistic, you should at least try singing one of Lady Gaga's music. Rah, rah, rah ah ah...Bad romance!
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Sometimes it's hard to decide what costume you're going to wear. It's because there are a lot of them. Yes, traditional costumes like witches, ghouls and vampires are going to show up this Halloween. But wearing such outfit will only look ordinary. For you to impress the guests, you should definitely wear something rare and eye-catching. If you're a movie fan, dressing like your favorite movie character is a good idea. What about dressing yourself up with a Neyteri outfit? See? From Hollywood singer you can now turn yourself into a blue creature. Avatar costumes are also great as theme. If you're planning to attend the party with your partner, you can dress him up like Jake Sully and pretty sure both of you will be recognized as the hottest love team.
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