Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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First up on the list are Transformers costumes. On the back of the successful Transformers movies franchise are the Transformers costumes. Boys (small and big, as in grown-up!) will love these, and if you're really handy with a pair of scissors and have some paint and lots of cardboard boxes, you might be able to knock up a homemade costume.
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Always popular, and a classic in their own right are Disney costumes. And each year the Walt Disney Corporation are kind enough to provide new characters for us to use as inspiration. Big this year I predict are Rapunzel (from Tangled) for the girls, and the Toy Story characters for the boys.
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Katy Perry will prove to be very popular this year. She's been in the media a lot during the last 12 months with her marriage to Russell Brand, and her winning loads of awards. The only problem is that there are very few with the figure to carry off her costumes (but men, if you are looking for a funny Halloween costume, a Katy Perry outfit is surely one you have to consider!).
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The Star Wars Halloween Costume is entering the classic category (a bit like the films themselves) and offer so many alternatives for the whole family, from a baby R2D2, to the children dressed as ewoks, Mom as Princess Leia and Dad as Han Solo (or maybe a wookie?). For groups of friends there are so many additional characters, have someone dress as Darth Vader, and you could have as many stormtroppers as there are people available. Great theme for a Halloween party too.
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With her outrageous costumes it's not surprising that she's inspiration for people trying to come up with a bang up to date idea for Halloween. There are loads of Lady Gaga Halloween costumes available to buy, but the most searched on one is not available anywhere...the Lady Gaga meat costume! Although you aren't able to buy a pre-made one, and I wouldn't suggest trying to make one out of your next barbeque fodder...you can make quite a good home-made one with some red fabric cut into strips and white paint.
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Coming in surprisingly high this year, though probably boosted by the success of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' films are pirate costumes. Again, there's something for everyone in this category, with both male and female costumes looking popular, and what better way to go trick or treating that with the threat of making people walk the plank?
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A Halloween costume list wouldn't be complete without the classic fairy costume. Little girls probably already have a mountain of these in their dress up boxes, and you can always use them for birthday parties for the year to come. For ladies, you can go from demure to sexy within the Fairy category, so there's something for everyone.
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Always a favorite, especially with men are the funny costumes. Take your pick from whoopee cushions, chick magnets, bananas, beer kegs (a good double up if you're celebrating Oktoberfest) and many more. A funny costume is a good category if you're thinking of making your own costume rather than buying....the limit really is just your imagination.
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Almost at the top are witch costumes. Popular with girls and women alike, and possibly aided to this lofty position by the success of the musical 'Wicked' (based on the book 'Wizard of Oz' by Frank Baum).
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There is also a huge selection of Witch Costumes, from cutesy ones for small girls, right through to sexy costumes for women, and the ogre-ish costumes that can be worn by women or even men! There's also the advantage that because they fall into the 'Classic Halloween Costume' category, you could use it year after year, and maybe just update it with some Halloween accessories.